i’ve seen hell and it is a 5 on 3 for 2 minutes

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can i have your face


what up. i'd like to be added to the stl blues fanbase. CreatedByFlames

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  • you hate my favorite player: i bet you wouldn't hate him if he was on your team.
my username is this-classybitch. Fan of the STL Blues.... Also i run another blog goddess-of-sports where i encompass any/all hockey fandoms as well :)

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"Jamie Benn has his other half, Tyler Seguin in the lineup tonight."

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my un: jnealsy (.) tumblrcom and my fanbase is obvs Pittsburgh Pens, but i post bit of all hockey except Flyers (if its not looking them stupid haha)

I love your blog :) I’ll add you! Just remember to reblog the post about the database so more join :)