You know, I, too, run a highly-successful hockey blog based on other people’s copyrighted material that’s been featured on other blogs and actual news sites — so can I name myself the face of NHL fandom, too?

Wait no I wouldn’t do that because I’m not wack as hell

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Score something Im giving up on you. 

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LA Kings defensemen Slava Voynov was suspended indefinitely from the league following his arrest for domestic abuse charges late last night/this morning. According to his girlfriend, “he knocked her down with a kick, stomped on her chest and dragged her by her hair at their apartment.” (x)

"The woman who was allegedly attacked by L.A. Kings star Slava Voynov was injured so badly, she was rushed to the hospital … where staffers called the cops on Voynov … TMZ Sports has learned.

everything wrong with official-nhl guy's post


You probably saw it, but it’s here, and it’s stupid. After starting out with a weird bit that everyone already knows about social media (“it’s just like marketing…except that it’s…just like marketing” - real wise words), it gets pretty wacky in a hurry.

As an avid…

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In the future

  • Dad: how serious are you with this guy
  • Me: about Game 7 OT serious